News from IT-GS

In Oktober 2019 we have further developed our micro processor based control device and the result you can see in a new video. This is a customer based solution. Click the picture to the right


News from IT-GS

In April 2019 we have developed a micro processor based control device, what is individual to organice. 
All what you can see now in  english language, you can have in all other languages as well. Therefore the control device is suitable for all contries. This control device is developed for 2 to 16 (more is available as well) signals, what can be affected by an input signal as well.   Without other devices (like a computer, ...) the user can realizze changes, likes it is nessesary for the actual process.  Our control is working with 5to 12V d.c. and 0,20 mA (0,40 mA by 3,3V). The controled signals can have a voltage of 0-240V d.c. or a.c., by a amperage of 10A.
The input parameters will be saved in an internal EEPROM, what is available on the micro processor board. That takes sure, that all parameters are available after a power breakdown as well.
It is able to program the control with passworkd protection, if it is nessesary. In further development steps it  will be available to transmite date without cable connection (via bluetooth, ...) .

Control 1.1.0

Here is a sample, how can be a simple control:

(As application scenario we have coosen a paint line, where the process water have to be cleaned by two dosage pumps. This pumps should work when the painting process is running only. )
The primary power supply mostly is available form the existing line, but  it is available external as well. The paint line sends a ground signal when the paint process is running.
In the normal operating mode the display in not working. If you press the key * [star], then the display is starting and you can see the main menu, see right.

In adition you can coose the possible menu point, as sample "F1". Here you can set the right break time of the pump (=the time between two steps of the pump) and save the parameter as well. At the cursor position you can start the input. Teh same procedure is to do by an other program point. we have programmed, that the parameter will be saved in the same moment, when you input the fourth character. The result you can see in the third raw, at the moment. The value in the parentheses shows you the actual status of the control, til the next step of the pump, in seconds. Hauptmenü

In the practice, more often you have to use the pumps manually. Therefore we have programmed a possibility to use the pumps manually.  If you press the key [arrow up], than you start the service menu. By pressing the kay [arrow left] of [arrow right] you can use the pump manually. It is working 5 seconds.

To come back to the normal operating mode and finish the parameter input or the service mode, you can press the  ESC [Escape] key. In adition you can see "Start Coagulation" on the display for three seconds. Than the control will work according your instructions.

Display Start


This control device is absolutly individual to program and use.

Now, the questions are:

What do you need exactly?
What would you like to control?
How many signal should be controled?

For further questions please contact Mr. Günter Sonntag

Günter Sonntag