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This time, we want to introduce our colling water treatment, special the products and procedure of closed cooling systems.


IT-GS Technical Products



Jobs in the cooling system

In the most cooling systems there are inspection_glasses installed, where you can see, how is the process water quality.

When you see a constant sediment inside of the glass, than hardness is deposited. When you see yellow or brown suspended substances in the water flow, than it is microbiological contamination.

From a brown or orange coloring you can see, there is coorosion part of the game.

By a brown coloring it is ussually corrosion of iron parts. If there is a orange sheen on the brown pigments, than there is ussually corrosion of copper.

In the practice mostly you will found a mix of all things, which are installed in the system, like copper, iron, bras or something else.

Do you not exmine the corrosion, than in the best case you will have blocked tubes, in the worst case tubes and fittings can be desolved complete and the result will be a flooding. In every case you will have a stopp of the system because the cooling system refuced.

Which jobs can we solve?

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Contol 1.1.0



Corrosionprotection and hardness stabilisation

We recommend a prodict with molybdenum. It is a product on base of Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Produkt auf der Basis von molybdate - respectively phosphate compound. The application concentration should be approx. 5,5-10 liter/m³. With this concentration should be reached a molybdene value of 100 mg/l.

Two weeks after the installation of our products the water quality have to be checked by the hebro laboratory. Hebro will measure the following parameters:

  • pH-value
  • m-value
  • p-value
  • conductivity
  • total hardness
  • chloride
  • iron
  • copper
  • product concentration
  • bacterial count

If the copper value is higher than 0,2 mg/L, than a non ferrous inhibitor have the be used.

In the adjacent picture you can see a hardness sedimentation of a p

late heat exchanger ( You see the hardness sedimentation only, without the plate).

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Non ferrous metal inhibitor

If there are copper parts or other non ferrous metal parts in the system installed and in the laboratory was been measured a copper value of > 0,2mg/L, than we recommend always to use a non ferrous metal inhibitor.

The costs are minimal, but the advantage is very large.

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Beside the hardness sedimentation is the microboilogic growth one of the frequently reasons of a application stopp. Therefore it is not the question if you want to use this products, more it is nessesary to use it for a good process stability.

It is nessesary to control the microbiologic growth continuously by a biological test and dose the bioced product according teh test result. It is sensible to create rules for the dose of biocide products (as sample one time a week or all two weeks, ...).

It is to expect, that the effectivity of biocide products goes down, after approx. 6 month. After that it is nessesary to use an other type with an other active incredient for a short time as shock treatment.

Usualy we use our type hebro®cid 79-106 and as active incredient  alternative we use hebro®cid LK .

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Line cleaner

Our product hebro®xan N is a biofilm solvent, which will be dosed in small dosage (0,3 l/m³) continuously. This bewar you for new biofilm contamination in your construction.

As well we use this product by having a very high contamination. In this application case we have to use a higher dosage. Indeed, by this cleaning process a high fequently filter cleaning (serveral times a day) is absolut nessesary, because this material dissolves biofilms and when you have a lot of biofilm in the construction, than it is able to dissolve a lot.

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A couple of tips to reduce the costs or hold it low

If you do not use all tubes again after a tool change of a molding machine, than the process water have to be evacuated from the tubes by gravity or better by compressed air. That prevents a high contamination of microbiologic growth by re-use the tubes again. (by using compressed air be careful and use protective suit and inhalation protection according the emerging aerosols, what can be dangerous) 

When the feeder tank is contaminated above the water level, than this film have to be removed absolute. This film acivate and increase the microbiologic growth a lot.
(by using compressed air be careful and use protective suit incl. inhalation protection according the emerging aerosols, what can be dangerous) 

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We have the conception and the right products for you, what availables to prevent a constrution stop according a collapse of the cooling system, in the future.




IT-GS Technical Products

IT-GS Technical Produkcts



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