Coolant water treatment

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Kühlkreislauf-BehandlungCoolant water treatments using hebro products

Some production processes generate localised heat. Typical examples are tools & dies, moulds
in the plastics industry, furnaces in metalworking industries, transformers and heat exchangers
in the chemicals industry. It is essential to dissipate this heat in a controlled manner to avoid interruptions to the producion process. Water is often used for this purpose because of its universal availability and low procurement cost. The water, heated by the process, is then normally cooled in a recirculating system in appropriate installations to enable it to be used again for cooling purposes.
The problems likely to occur here are these:

  • Corrosion
  • Accumulations and precipitation
  • Bacteria and fungus

These problem areas show how essential professional water treatment processes are. This is why hebro chemie is appreciated so highly by the operators of such installations thanks to its tried-and-tested product line that ensures trouble-free, safe operation.

Overview of coolant water treatments