Corrosion inhibitors

Hebro Chemie GmbH


KorrosionsschutzprodukteCorrosion inhibitors from hebro

In many fields of metal working, products have to be protected against corrosion. Expectations of the protection to be provided are high. The protection required may be short-term protection during a machining process through to medium-term prevention during intermediate storage of workpieces and protection of finished goods for a longer period in transit. In addition, corrosion protection in water systems may be important as a lack of protection can result in the complete destruction of tools and piping.

hebro chemie provides a range of products that are ideally matched to each other in the fields of industrial degreasing, maintenance and repair, cleaning and care. This enables customers to prepare their surfaces properly and carefully, and apply adequately sealed, non-porous, firmly bonded anti-corrosion coatings. If needed, the protective layer thus applied can easily be removed at a later date with a suitable product.

Overview of hebro corrosion inhibitors