Anti slip mats


anti-slip-mats for truck, train, ship and aeroplane

safety for driver, freight and mobile

Anti-slip-mats - safety for heavy goods

If full brake application, change maneuver oruneveness on the road - the load in truck, train or plan msut not move. But only in rare cases the load is to safe with the vehicle constuction only. Therefore anti slip mats are standard equipment for every professional transport, today. They reduce the total preload force by lash of the load and they make for together with the webbing restraint assembly for a closed unit with the truck, wagoon or aeroplane.
Application comply with DIN 75410 and BGI 649 (formerly ZH1/413). They fulfil the requirements as per VDI 2700, sheet 3.2, sheet 9 and sheet 15. Regupol® anti-slip mats reduce damage to the load and to the vehicles. They reduce costs by minimizing the expenditure involved in wedging and tying down the load. Practical test reports are available for many different kinds of load. Anti-slip mats effectively increase safety on road and rail and also for air and sea transport.
In economic aspect provide the of polyurethane bonded rubber granulate made anti slip mats clear advantage.
They are mounted in a short time, because they are simple rolled. It safes valuable time.
The gliding-grind value of anti slip mats are in accordance of the copulation of the material. To arrive the optimal glide restraint, there is nessesary a clean, dry and free of fat bottom.