Info load securing

Load securing = gliding force + safety force



This sample show you a practical load securing of a truck. The load have to be safety for a normal diving only, it haven´t to be calculated for an accident.
A normal driving includes also:
-full braking- - - - - - - - - - - - - 0,8g = 80% of the loading weight FG
-heavy change maneuver - - - 0,5g = 50% of the loading weight FG
-bad stretches of way - - - - - 1,0g = 100% of the loading weight FG

A correct load securing will be reached by a balance of the opposed forces, what will happen by a normal driving. The load securing is enough good when the sum of gliding force FR and safety force FS is minimal so large as the gravity force FG . The gliding force will be increased by anti slip mats, the saftey force will be increased by webbing load restraint assembly of other safety material. By a brake situation of a truck the gravity force is work on to the front, can reach 80% of the loading weight (0,8 g) , corresponding the load have to be safed.





1,0 G shows you the grivity of the load. Corresponding the forces reaches while the different movements of the truck, til 80% of this value(truck transport).



The gliding force, what bewares the load together with the gravity force according to get out of place, can increase very much with anti slip mats. A good anti slip mat can realizze 60% or more of the load securing. It is nessesary to have also a good tie down..