Edge protection


Kantenschutzwinkel 50x50mmThis edge protection corner is different as others ...


--because it do not break by having a high pre-load force

--because it beware your coated parts for damage

--because it is easy to mount

--because it will adapt to the part itself, if the part is out of angle, as well

--because it is very cheap


This product is packed in units per 600 pcs and normally it is available on store 


Edge protector  for highest force - made of recycling material

Continous elastic double chock for strap management

By stretching the strap, the double chock will be compressed/deformed in the area of the strap and it develops a soft and round bed, what beware the strap to slip. Strap and loading will be optimal protected. After the strap is detached the double chock is going back in it´s original form.
Cannel inside for protecting the corners of the load
Extreme solid with memory function - also after heavy defoaming, this edge protector goes back to original form and it is resistant of weather and freezing.
Gentle for enviroment and substainable, because it is 100% made of recycling material.

Measurement and technical data:

Kantenschutz Recycling

Length: 250 mm
Side length: approx. 200 x 120mm
Material thickness: 15 mm
Opening angle/preload anlge: approx. 87°
Weight: approx. 1,5 kg
Width : optional
K-Factor: 1,49-1,78 (in accordance with angle and strap)
Color: dark gray to black
Material: 100% high-quality recycling material