Active cole filter cartridge

AirActiv Active cole filter cartridge AK

AirActiv Aktivkohlepatronen
Active cole filter cartridge absorbs gas shaped and ador intensive harmfull substances of the atmospheric air. It is available for the incoming air, for the outgoing air and for circulating air. This active cole cartridges will be used by high concentrated gas and steam. Typical fields of application are airport, for separating of kerosine exhaust, restaurants and canteens for separating of kitchen odor, paper and chemistry industry for separating of gas. Our active cole filter cartridges are developed and increased as alternative for traditional suppliers.
The cylinder and teh caps on both ends consists of free of corrosion and light polyethylene. The holder for the bajonet cap are mode of stainless steel. The cartridges are supported with a expanded rubber sealing.
The relevant advantage of our active filter cartridges is the used impregnated active cole, which is used in it.

Size: 145/457 145/600

Case possibilities: zinc coated steel, stianless steel and plastic