Fine dust filter R3-300

Fields of application

DeckenfilterThis filter mats are made for the fine filtration of the sucktion air of ventilation and air conditioning systems what need a very high level of clean air. Also very effective as rough dust filter in a multi level air filter system plus as diffusion floor filter in painting cabins. The R3-300 combines a very high dust collecting capacity with a low demage of pressure. Therefor it is very cost effective and has a long life time.


This filter mat based of systetic fiber would developed and will made in our own high tec media fabric. The filter media are made of no-breakable high tech seam and arranged in some degreasing close by layers, results a very high dust colection capacity with a low demage of pressure. This filter media are thermis bunded and the complete filter is impregnated with a special glue, where a release of seam particles is not possible while a vibration of a machine, also by difference of the temperature. The clean air side smoothed and for a montage without mistake it is labeled also with the type. This Filter mat is also an available media for the production of advanced surface filters like catridge filters, fold filter units, pocket filters and more.

This filters agrees with all fire rules of the European Union plus of USA (DIN 53438-F1) and are self-extinguishing. It is consistent contra solvent and also 100% free of silicone. The independent quality control acc. EN 779 plus the individual DIN-logo plus the type label , with that all rolls on the clean air side are labeled, can we realizze a constant quality together with the F5-classification.