Highend pocket filter F5

Highend-pocket filters stabil F5

Fields of application:

FILTRAIR "PERFORMER" PFL-F5The HE F5 specialy will used as prefilter in the automotive area, plus in the clima / air conditioning technology. Also this filter will be in use in areas with oily air. For that area this filter was been developed and testet.


The pocket filter, based on syntetic fiber, was been developed for fields of application in the automotive area and turbine area . The used polyester media results a high effectivity by having a low pressure damage. This filter results a very long life time and a very high separating grade by having a high dust collecting ratio plus low energy and maintainance costs. This filter are able by high air humidity, oily air and in areas with a very high dust advent.
The HE F5 consists of 100% of synthetic, is stabil contra corrosion and humidity and reaches all rules of fire of the EU (DIN 53438-FI) . The natural stabil pocket media with their welded inside tubes results a pocket, which also brings a high process safety by having a very high air pressure or in an area of a very high dust contamination. The silk welded construction, the integrated aerodynamic stabilizer and that in a form stabil and increased plastic frame placed media gives warranty for highest capacity in close to all applications. The independent quality control according EN-779 and the individual DIN-logo plus the proof and control sign, like the construction number, with every unit will be signed, realizzes a stabil quality.