High temperature filter

High temperature filter F6-F8

Hochtemperatur-Filter F6-F8The high temperature filters was been specialy developed for applications in the automotive area.

This products are able for the drying cone as pre of fine filter.

The pre filter is able in measurements of 610x610x292 mm und 305x610x292 mm, and consists of a steel-zinc frame with seperators of aluminium and provides with their construction for a very high grade of separation and it has a very long life time.

The fine filters are able in the classes F6 and F8. The frame is made of high quality aluminium and the filter media is made of folded fiber paper.

Populare measurements are here 915x457x55, 915x457x78, plus 610x610x55 and 610x610x78 . Further measurements are also available.