Paper filter mats

Paper filter mats RPA I + II

Filter mats of recycling paper will be used in overspray separating devices with dry suction. It availables a high separating ratio and at the same time it are able to reduce the costs according long term use.
Some layers of paper results together a very high separating area, when it is according small holes possible, that the outgoing air stream can go thrue. According the increasing reduction of the holes will close the holes on the front at a slower rate as that on the back side and realizzes a stabil air passage.
Therefor it will be reached a ballanced using of the layers of paper and the air stream is still balanced. That availables a high collecting capacity and a long term using. Compared to fiber mats the life period of the RPA-filter is three to four times.
The RPA II will delivered with a ynthetic fiber vlies on the outgoing air side. Therefor it is able to filter particles, that was going dry in the air stream and you can reach a separating grade of 98 tol 99,9%.