Carton labyrinth filter

Overspray separators

Papplabyrinthfilter Farbnebelabscheider
The carton labyrinth filter consists of two walls of folded and on the fold glued carton. The therfor reached labyrinth efect makes it to the best air filter of this kind.
According the relevant advantages af the centrifugal force is draining the standard carton labyrinth filter overspray, which will happen by spraying of paint, asphalt, glue, resin, fiber, tar, teflon, oil, fat, liquid food, and more.
From its construction and stucture need the Andreae Standard filter only 1/16 of its available area for the transport.
The collection of paint particles outer of the air stream is reducing the increasing of the air stream opposition and availables the carton labyrinth filter a 3 to 5 times so long life time compared to other floor filter systems.