Filter cartridge H

Holzstaub-FilterpatroneHolzstaub Filterpatrone

The standard filter media is resistant of abrasion, is stabil and is proofed of BIA according ZH 1/487 2 and is available for separation of hazardous for health dust. The back direction of the exhaust air is possible. The filter material is available for the EX protected area with anti static version in addition.

Operating temperature 80°C, ask for special dimmensions. The wood dust filter cartridges are able with brush cleaning set.

-5 times so much filter surface compaired to other filter tubes and bags by the same nessesary place
-easy to change to filter bags
-clean air side outer
-open and flat fold geometry for a high surface capacity
-filter cleaning with brush or out of ballance motors
-high grade of sepataion and long life time according proofed filter media