Rough dust filter R

Rough dust filter R 15-150/350/500 (G2-G4)

Fields of application

Grobstaubfilter R 15-150/350/500 (G2-G4)Filter mats made for pre and rough filtration of the suction air in air conditioning systems for a high level in the industry, machinery, cooling systems and compressor systems. It provides a balanced separation in areas with a very high air budget and under extreme conditions and are able to regenerate. This serie are often washable and includes also a very high dust collecting capacity with a low damage of air pressure. Therefor it is very cost effective and has a log life time.


This filter media consists of high level fiber and is arranged in some degreasing close by layers, it results a very high dust colection capacity with a low demage of pressure plus a gravimetric grade of separation acc. EN-779. The fiber of the serie R15 is bounded in a deeping bath and in adition increased, to realizze a very high stability and also a very high dust collecting capacity. The filter media are made of fiber and adhasive agent and is resistant contra chmical influence like solvent or acid steam plus it is very stabil contra pressure. According the stability, the filter media is to use again several times after washing with warm water. The clean air side is smoothed for a correct installation as cut, roll, of pocket filter and also labeled with the type.
The R15 media agrees with all fire rules of the European Union (DIN 53438-F1) and are self-extinguishing. The independence quality control acc. EN 779 realizze a constant quality together with the G2-, G3- or G4-classification.