Rough dust filter RSB

Rogh dust filter RSB-290/300 (G3-G4)

Fields of application

Grobstaubfilter RSB-290/300 (G3-G4)The RSB-filter mats are made for the rogh or pre filtering of the incoming air in clima of air conditioning systems of buildings, offices, fabric buildings and other applications. It realizze a balanced dust separation in areas with a high air volume or hard contaminated ambiants air. The serie RSB is combining a high dust collecting capacity with a low demage pressure. Therefor it is very cost efficiency.


The filter media are made of no-breakable high tech seam and arranged in some degreasing close by layers, results a very high dust collecting capacity with a low demage of pressure, plus a very high separating ratio. This filter media are thermis bunded and increased, to realizze a very high dust collecting capacity. The clean air side is signed with a print to baware you for a mistake by the mountage.
This filters agrees with all fire rules of the European Union plus of USA (DIN 53438-F1) and are self-extinguishing. The independent quality control acc. EN 779 plus the individual DIN-Logo and the sign of the type, what all is printed on the clean air side, together with the G2-, G3- or G4-classification realizze a constant quality.