Particles filter

AirAbsolut particles filter H10-U15

AirAbsolut SchwebstoffilterWith the increasing development of the technology, reseach, hygiene and compairable fields of application the requirement to the grade of clairity of the circulating air is increasing step by step, in labouratories, production areas and medical areas.
In this combination it is named as high sensible areas, that means, a very low contamination of substances can have a very high and negative effect for the awaited results.
In this areas particle filters AirAbsolut realizzes warranty of really clean circulation air according very high separation grade and will be in use more often.
Constant controls by the production realizzes the very stong rules of this production.
Finest micro fiber are the base of this filter media. In a special production process, the micro fiber media will made to a vlies and this vlies will be folded, this act makes a very large filter surface.
The AirAbsolut filter modules gets a test certificate in front of the delivery, what warrants, that the requirement in filter capacity and free of leak is reached.
High volume streams by low pressure difference results a long life time, what reduces teh runing costs a lot.

All standard measurements available in MDF and metal version