Viscose filters

Fiber vlies - woven fabric -viscose

Faservlies-Stoffe ViskoseFor the metal processing industry we produce band filters, filter plates und round filters of vlies fabrics for an effective and low cost cleaning of process liquids.
The vlies fabrics are best usable to drainage solid pigments of liquids.
Filter vlies fabrics prolongs the life time of cooling lubricants and realizzes in band filter applications a lot of advantages, like increasing of the surface percision of the measurement of the parts, prolong the life time of the tools.
The disposal of the vlies fabrics is very easy. We deliver bankd filters of viscose, polypropylene, polyester fiber for force of gravity filter systems and wash ashore filter systems, pressure band filters and vacuum filter systems.

Delivery possibilities: area weight from 17 to 100 g/qm,width til max. 200 cm.

Delivery format: lengh of rolls, diameter of rolls and diameter of cartridge according on the market available systems.