measuring out pump

This barrel pump very often will be used to transport coagulants and flocculants, but there are a lot of other applications, where this kind of pump is very usefull. This measuring out pump is also available in a special sealed version. In this case you can use it to transport acidic or alcaline solutions.

technical data:

Kolbendosierpumpeintegrated pneumatic and eletrical control
low risc of operational pollution of the valves
better liquide transport
high vacuum by sucking
simple using
low cost
low noice


This pump is a self sucking, pneumatic activated piston measuring out pump. The interaction will be realised from the the air piston to the liquide piston, inside of the sucking tube. The pump strokes will be realised by a battery powered electronic control and a 3/2 ways Piezo valve in connection to a pneumatic motor.

general data:

drive principle: self sucking - volumetric
drive piston: ø 40 mm
liquide piston: ø 12 mm
transformation ratio: 11:1
piston stroke: 43 mm
fluid quantity by water: 6 cm³ per double stroke (0,18 l/min / 10,8 l/h)
stroke quantity: max. 30 strokes/min
viskosity: fluid transport til approx. 100.000 mPas
pulsation: low
sucking side- connection: sucking tube (standard lenght 630mm)
pressure side- connection: tube NW 9 mm - 3/8"
temperature - fluid: max. 70 °C
sucking height: self sucking approx. 5m
construction lenght total: 805 mm (ask for other lenghts)
weight: 2,5 kg
patent pending: yes- Made in Germany

pneumatic data:

compressed air connection: PU tube 8/6 mm G1/4"
operating pressure: 4 - 6 bar filtered compressed air
compressed air consumption: max. 15 l/min by continuous operation
magnetic valve: 3/2-ways Piezo valve

electical date:

battery: 3,6 V for Ex-Safety
protection category: IP44
Ex-Safety: PTB02 ATEX 2196