glue pumps

LeimpumpeOur glue pump specially has been developed for labeling machines and is available with and without heater. Today, this pump is in use on all places, when there it is an automatical process with glue.


fast warming of the glue with the integrated heater
high operating safety
better glue transport
simple handling
low noice

fields of application:

On all places, where labels have to be mounted on bottles, cans, canisters, glasses and more, by a filling process.


The glue pump is a self sucking, pneumatic moved piston measuring out pump. The power will be transferred from an air piston though a liquide piston, inside of the sucking tube. The control is possible by a revering valve into the pneumatic part.

Leimpumpegeneral data:

drive: pneumatic
drive principle: self sucking - volumetric
drive piston: ø 90mm
liquide piston: ø 46mm
transformation ratio: 3,8:1
piston stroke: 43mm
fluid quantity by water: 73cm³ per double stroke (8 l/min / 480 l/h)
fluid quantity by piston stroke: up approx. 50% - down approx. 50%
stroke quantity: max. 120 strokes/min, adjustable thrue a exhaust throttel
viskosity drive fluid: til approx. . 100.000 mPas
pulsation: low
connection sucking side: sucking tube (standard length 420mm)
connection pressure side: flex tube19mm - 3/4" inside wings
temperature fluid: max. 70°C
sucking height: self sucking approx. 5m
construction length total: 670mm (ask for other length)
weight: 4,5kg

Leimpumpepneumatic data:

compressed air connector: 1/4" inside wings
operating preassure: 3 - 6 bar filtered compressed air
compressed air consumption: max. 240 l/min by continuous operation
integrated pneumatic valve: main valve 5/2 ways, control valve 3/2 ways
electrical data: for pump with heater
elctrical connection: 230 V/ 50/60 Hz (alternativ: 110 V 60 Hz)
electric cable: 2m 3x1,5² rubber cable
pneumatic safety switch: 3 bar fix adjusted
temperature index value programmable the heater is reaching the temperature automatically via power setting from 1 to 4: 1400 Watt level1 = 100% heater activity, 700 Watt level2 = 50% heater activity, 350 Watt level 3 = 25% heater activity, 175 Watt level4 = 12,5% heater activity
temperature control: electronic 2 point control
temperature adjustment: via display and plastic foil keyboard
temperature area: adjustable til 90°C
glue temperature input- output: approx.. 7°C
temperature detector of VA-steel: electronic
thermic overheat protection: +90°C
protection class: IP65 protection from dust, full electric shock protection, protect from water jet

Containerleimpumpematerial informations:

suck- and pressure valve: VA-steel 1.4571
drive case: POM
liquide case: POM
sucking pipe: VA-steel1.4301
liquide seal gasket: PTFE slice ring(teflon)
liquide valve balls: VA-steel 1.4301
piston rod outside: VA-steel polished 1.4301
electric case: PE Polyäthylen
pressure socket: POM - 19mm tube
sucking foot: POM Polyacetalharz
liquide valve seat: Viton - O-Ring

container-glue pump with integrated heater


The approx. 10°C cold glue in the container will be warmed up to approx. 30°C and will be filled into a glue bucked (approx. 20 Ltr) for the further process with labeling machines. The right quantity is to adjust by an electronical counter.

technical data:

pump for 500 l container - lenght of tube customer based
pump for 1000 l container - lenght of tube customer based
air preasure connector - 1/4" 6 Bar filtered compressed air
air preasure consumption -max. 240 l/min
control -oszililated valves
capacity by glue -approx. 30 - 60 cm³ per double stroke (dependent of the viscosity)
20 l glue bucket fill -approx. 10 min
temperature increasment -from approx. 10°C to approx. 30°C
container on store -approx. 10°C
electical connection -230 V / 50/60 Hz alternativ: 110 V / 60 Hz
heating capacity with automatic temperature adjustment -max. 1400 W (by110 V =750 W) min. 175 W
debit value temperature -programmable
electronical counter for the transport of clue -stroke from 1 to 9999 programmable
start activating -start - stop key