Anti slip mats 630t per sqm


Anti slip mats 630t per sqm

1000 LSE

is our premium product. This anti slip mat is able for loading til 6,30 N/mm² and so on for heavy transports. In scale of a large analysis it was been testet for their winter efficiency different anti slip mats, for the Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen (BASt) from the institute TUL-LOG, Dresden.

Together with one more mat 1000 LSE was reaching higher slide adhesion factor as 0,6 μ, under winter conditions. 1000 LSE was been used with sodium chloride by minus 15 degrees. With this result, may be 1000 LSE is the once anti slip mat , which is able to use by strong winter conditions for all transport versions, including heavy transports.

Maximum loading

630 t/m² = 6,30 N/mm² bei 8 mm thickness

slide adhesion factor µD

proofed by Fraunhofer IML. Different screen printing botoms from 26 mm thickness, EPAL euro-wood-palet, multible way,used .
Parallel zu den Kufen µD = 0,80/0,82/0,81
lowest value = µD 0,80
Quer zu den Kufen µD = 0,80/0,81/0,79
lowest value = µD 0,79

lowest value total= µD 0,79

IT-GS do not annonce slide adhesion factors, what are not prooved. Because the slide adhesion factor of rubbing increased base is addicted form the used material copulation, the temperature, the condition of the material surfaces and the anti slip mat (dirt, wetness, and so on). To arrive the optimal slip inhibition, the contact areas, that means loading and bottom, have to be well swapt, clean, free of fat and dry.

Material: anti slip mat on SBR/NBR-base

Colour: black with green, light green and yellow colour particles

Area weight: approx. 7,52 kg/m² by 8 mm thickness

Volume weight: approx. 1.015 kg/m³

Tenacity: 2,40 N/mm² DIN 53571, Prüfkörper B

ultimate elongation : 130 % DIN 53571, Prüfkörper B

Temperature resistance: - 40 °C bis 115 °C

Fire behavior: B2 DIN 4102

By having cracks, holes, crushes, contact with oil, gaz, chemicals and so on, 8012 LS cann´t used longer and have to be changed.
UV-light, sodium chloride, low acid and bases, (swelling by carbon hydride, like oil und gaz and more.).

shake out, suck, wash, may be with high pressure cleaner.

Recycling: waste key no. 070299

Delivery condition: rolls, plates, pre-cut according your wish

Thickness: from 8 mm



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