Dust collecting- / barrier products



IT-GS is able to deliver high quality aditives in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Hungary. That will help you to increase the quality of your products and reduce the output in your production.
Mostly our barrier products will be used in painting areas, where paint (overspray) will arrive dry areas or parts. When paint gets on an area, which is protected by Barriergel, than you can easy remove it with water and brush only, or you can use high preasurized water. You don´t need any solvent or paint removal chemicals or something like that.
fields of application:
Our product BarrierGel can be implemented by brush, or roll, or you can spray it. You can order an application data sheet by email

Dust collecting foil - protection foil

this self-adhasive foil is in use in paintign cabins and it protects of contamination dry areas in water sprinkling cabins. At the same time, it collects dust and overspray on the surface.

Aritcle discription:

Material: LDPE
Width: 500mm, 1000mm
Length: 100m
Color: transparent, green-/transparent
Glue: acrylat, UV-stabilized
Tensile strength: 30N/25mm
Alongation of break: 250%
Adhesion force: 3,5 N/25mm auf Stahl
Heat resistance: 40°C
Period of use: till 3 month


dust collecting paste:


offcourse a very sensable  product to collect the dust in teh painting area.

This product are able to reduce the bad parts according dust a lot.


is able to mount with brush, scrubber, roll or spraying gun


dust collecting wipes:

for different applications.

as sample: honey wipes, clothes / wipse for soft surfaces like water borne paint, and more



Diese Tücher sind mit Lösemittel imprägniert.
Sie sind auch in der Metallverarbeitung interessant, wo ölige Rückstände durch Schweißen oder Bohren vorhanden sein können.


Abziehlack weiss oder transparent:

zum Schutz von Lackierkabinen-Wänden und Wänden vor Nasslacken


Kann je nach den Gegebenheiten vor Ort mit Pinsel, Bürste oder Rolle aufgebracht oder aufgespritzt werden.



Dauerklebrige Schicht zum Staub einfangen im Lackierbereich


Kann je nach den Gegebenheiten vor Ort mit Pinsel, Bürste oder Rolle aufgebracht werden.




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