Paint filters


We offer paint filters in precision qualtiy only, because we mean, that a paint filter, as sample, what should filter 60 micron, that should not filter 60 micron approximate.

For rough filtering of paint some times it makes sense to use a standard quality as well. It saves time and solve the problem.

Today, ready to use filter are that product, which it is to use economy. As sample: Mount our filters directly on the sucking point of your mixing equipment with low handles. You safe time and costs. It is to use til it you can see the contamination or til you change the paint. This filters are available to clean and use again, but the filter is cheaper as the investment for teh cleaning process.



Einige Produktbeispiele:


filter for 25-litre-
cans (Hobboks)

filter for paint sucktion


filter in fold version
in different fineness

our filter media
on the microscope


filter for our stainless
steel cone




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